Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let The Rain Come Down

For three days I have been attempting to add a post.  For three days I have failed.  What's up with Blogger?  This is the second time in the past few weeks that there have been issues with the site.  It is becoming a crisis of epic proportions.  Not being able to blog is like a day without sunshine  ( and I have seen a lot of those in the past weeks) or worse yet it is the equivalent to a week-long strike by the New York City trash collector's union.  But this morning, with a little playing around I was finally able to maneuver my way to the the "new post" section.  We shall see if it works.

It has been so long that I forget what I was going to tell you.  Let me see, "The Kid" has finally done a little fishing.  Just a little, but at least he's been able to sacrifice a worm or two and get a pole in the water.  I can tell you that so far there have been no fish fried for dinner.


Henna is a happy girl.  Chris arrived on Thursday.  She was so excited to see him that I thought she was going to have a heart attack.


The rain continues to fall.

We have two family picnics scheduled for the weekend.  The smaller one today.  And tomorrow the big kahuna with 40 of The Kids' immediate family.  Everyone stop right now and pray for sunshine on Sunday.  Sunshine is critical to my mental health on that day.  At this point I would even settle for a day without more water falling from the sky.

Unlike in Florida where the sandy soil soaks up the water quickly and sends it out to sea, or China or wherever it goes, the soil here is saturated.  It's like a giant sponge that can't possible hold one more drop of water.  When you step in the grass the ground is soft.  Your foot sinks a little and water and mud ooze out from the side of your foot or between your toes if you have been stupid and forgotten to wear your shoes.

The geese are back in cove.  Our little flock has returned so I guess all is right in my soggy world.

That's the news from Lake Woebegone.  I have to go now.  The ark isn't finished yet.

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Judy H. said...

Yes, blogger had problems. After trying to post for a while, I just gave up. In July we will be begging for some more of this rain. Have fun with your picnics!