Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Missed

What a wonderful weekend we had.  Seriously.  Wonderful.

And I have no pictures to show for it.  (Sad face here.)  I have discovered that it is hard for me to be a good hostess and take photographs.

I missed so many great shots.  So many memories.  All because I was slicing tomatoes, cutting up watermellon, searching for fans, or finding empty spots for even more food.

It was an intimate gathering of eleven on Saturday that included BB gun target practice, boat rides, fishing, food and conversation.  Oh and there was that one moment when I almost sent my brother-in-law tumbling into the lake.  How I wish there was a photograph of that little incident.  The weather cooperated giving us overcast skies but no rain...at least until well after midnight.  We considered it a successful dry run for Sunday.

If I have counted correctly we hosted 38 on Sunday.  I admit it, I prayed for good weather.  On my knees and constantly for several days.  I begged and pleaded for a nice day.  And I got it.  AMEN.  We had soggy ground and a few muddy spots but mostly it was sunshine and smiles.  But no photos.

I missed the dock going into the water.  The manly men cousins picking it up and pushing it over the bank and into lake.  I missed the younger set driving the boat.  I missed the sparkle in their eyes when Chris instructed them to "push that button" and the horn let loose with a loud honk.  I missed the smiles and the laughter as old tales were told and embellished.  I missed the tentative first steps of the 7 year old from Alaska meeting her Pennsylvania cousins for the very first time.  I missed the bear hugs given to her father and uncle from their southern cousin who had hadn't seen them in almost 15 years.

But what I missed the most were the ones who weren't able to make it.  Stephen, Bethany, Allie, Gabe, Andy, Linda, Hannah, Sarah, Mark, Renee, Bren, Shalyn, Todd, Shane, Lexi, Jared, Logan, Jody, Steve, Emmy and Allie.   You were all missed.

It is a sad day indeed when the photographer permits her camera to sit on a shelf and fails to capture the moments.  I will try hard to never let that happen again.  But I have them in my head...always.


I didn't even mind when the sky turned dark and began to rumble forcing the remaining revelers indoors to watch the light show and reflect on what a wonderful day it had been.

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chicken said...

I am reluctant to mention this...because I am sure that the "grandsons" will catch wind of it and I will be teased mercilessly at Thanksgiving...but I think...ahem...that you may have forgotten to mention someone who was absent from the weekend...I am secure in my status as Greatest Niece...at least on my side of the family...and I still love you, even if you forgot! :)

Life in Color said...

You have my sincere and humble apology....and I wish I could come up with something rediculously funny to insert here...but I am at a loss for words so I won't. And you had better hope the "grandsons" don't get wind of this. Of course it's too late now!!