Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sunset of Its Life


I thought this photo was more than appropriate for this morning's post as I'm afraid my laptop is in the sunset of its life.  Yesterday it began to whirr and humm, a clear indicator that the hard drive is having difficulty of some sort or another.  This morning when I turned it on the screen began to change colors from pink to blue flashing like a colorful strobe.  I gave it a rest and tried again.  I was successful logging on...this time, but I know the end is near.

The problem is I am now addicted to Macs.  All of my photo editing software is Mac and quite frankly I like the way they operate.  I know that PCs have improved dramatically in the past few years, taking a page or two from Apple's successful handbook.  But I'm afraid once a Mac user always a Mac user.  Of course that means the replacement cost will be 3-times that of a pc.  But it's worth it.  Isn't it?  I am right about that. Well aren't I?

Initially I didn't want a Mac.  But The Kid nudged and prodded until I said I would look at them.  It was the cost factor.  For me it's usually about the dollars.  But once I test drove one I was hooked.  And now, well lets just say there's no turning back.

If I disappear for a few days you can figure that my little girl gave up the ghost and went to Mac heaven.  It will take awhile to find an Apple store, which I am positive will not be located in one of the little communities near the cottage, and get up and running again.  And there's the little problem with software.  It's all in Florida.  I'll have to have someone (that would probably be you my good friends the French-Freys) pilfer through my cds to find the ones I need and then ship them north.  It will take time.

But I'll be here as long as my Mac holds out.

Or the Wifi dies.

It could happen.

Link to Project 365.

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Judy H. said...

Maybe where you get the new one can simply transfer all your software from one to another. doesn't Best Buy offer to do that? Good luck.