Friday, June 24, 2011

Sleepless in Pennsylvania

Have you ever laid in bed wanting nothing more than to drift off to sleep but instead found every loose end of your life bouncing around in your head like a never ending game of pin ball?  That's me.  Tonight.

Night Time-5194

It is currently 12:49 in the a.m.  After an hour and a half of guilt ridden sleeplessnes I have given up.  The Kid is breathing easily in peaceful slumber.  Dreaming, I'm sure, of Large Mouth Bass and Walleyes.  I, on the other hand was restless, eyes squeezed shut, desperately trying to channel sleep instead of reruns of items left off of my grocery list and wrongs commited years ago by people I barely remember.

I guess the only good thing about nights like these are mornings.

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Bethany Patton said...

Sorry you couldnt get to sleep. I have a cure for that ya know?!! A visit with the grandkids. Didnt get a chance to talk to S last night. We'll call you guys tonight.

Tim Logan said...

I forgive you for coming back five minutes late from lunch that Tuesday. Do not loose anymore sleep over that. I wish I could clone you and bring you back to work.

Marla Logan said...

I had a sleepless night last night too!! Must be something in the air!! That is the worst thing to try to be asleep and the harder you try, the more awake you become!Better luck tonight!
Love Ya,