Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Little Alaskan Sunshine

Meet J, our little ray of Alaskan sunshine.

J is one the many nieces and nephews on The Kid's side of the family.  (They're a prolific bunch.)  She hails from the great state of Alaska but please don't confuse her with the Palin gang. J has been to Pennsylvania to visit a couple of times but this was the first opportunity we had to meet her.  She is quite the charmer.  I believe this picture is the only serious face the child wore the entire day.


Most of the time she looked like this.


And this.


She overcame any shyness she may have had in a matter of minutes and jumped right into the fray.  After all there were cousins waiting to play.  I heard a rumor that she wanted to swim and couldn't comprehend when her dad told her it wasn't quite summer here yet.  It seemed a lot like summer to her. (Those Alaskans have much thicker blood than I.)

She is bright, fun, sweet and helpful, and don't forget adorable.  Her dad is doing a fine job of raising her (with a little help from her Uncle B.)


Come back soon sweet J.

Or better yet, maybe I should take a boat.  North.  To Alaska.

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Bethany Patton said...

Well she is certainly a doll. Great captures.