Monday, June 13, 2011

At the Ball Park


Once again I have found myself away from my camera and my blog for several days.  I could say I have been busy, but then I would have to tell you what I have been busy doing.  The truth is, I don't know.  You will just have to trust that I have been otherwise occupied.

The weather has turned cold.  At least cold by my standards.  And will someone please tell me how it can be cold and misting rain in one place and sunny and 80 degrees a mere 90 miles south?

The Kid and I went to a Pirate baseball game yesterday afternoon with my big sis and Howie.  We dressed for cold and misty weather.  Upon arrival in Pittsburgh it was painfully obvious that blue jeans and long sleeved shirts were not the order of the day.

The highlight of the afternoon was the adorable elementary school choir that performed sang the National Anthem.  They were wonderful.  They made everybody smile.

I didn't have my camera with me.  I decided I didn't want to tote it around (it's quite heavy) on a cold and misty day.  As it turned out we had great seats and I could have gotten some great photos.

There was an extremely annoying woman and her partner sitting behind us.  (They were definitely Mets fans.  Pirate fans are much more pleasant folk.)

The game went scoreless for 7 innings and then the Mets broke it wide open.  The Pirates lost.

However, a Primanti Brothers sandwich and a cold one made it all better.

And the weather?  It was perfect.

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