Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Big Bite


I attempted to blog a couple of times the past two days but the Blogger web site was down.  I thought you would like to know in case you were missing me and wondered if I got lost in the western PA countryside.  It could happen you know, these corn fields all look alike.

The bulk of my time thas been spent with paint brush in hand.  You know the old saying I think I bit off more than I can chew?  Well I think I've done just that.  I have been painting one room for three solid days and I'm not even half-way finished with the job.

This little paint job is the first step towards transforming the little cottage into my vision of what it could be.  Buoyed by the fact that the structure remained high and dry after a very long and wet winter/spring and that no four legged critters took up residence in our absence we're moving forward with our plans,  at least in part.  A friend is arriving this morning to measure for new flooring and my painting project should go a long way to lighten and brighten the dark walls of the main room.

The cottage is lined with very old and very beautiful knotty pine paneling.  I love the texture of the paneling but its stain is too dark and dated for me.  My mission is to lighten and brighten which sounds easy but has morphed into a 3 coat, all brush no roller project.  After three days of this unplanned step aerobic marathon my body aches in places not heard from in several years.  But I shall persevere and when the transformation is complete there will be a huge celebration and a big reveal...just like on tv.

Of course that could be in June of 2020 so I don't recommend you hold your breath.

Link to Project 365.

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Bethany Patton said...

I had problems with blogger too. Hope the painting is going well. Are we going to get photos?