Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Note To Number 2

The following appeared in yesterday's comment section:

Per an earlier post, I now have confirmation that I am not your "number one son". I guess I will have to settle with "#2".


A Very Heartbroken #2


After a great deal of soul searching I have composed an appropriate response for "A Very Heartbroken #2."  One in which I am certain he can identify.

Dear Heartbroken,

As in the business world if you don't want to remain number 2, you have to try harder.

Your loving Mother.


Bethany Patton said...

Well... I have now learned I have to work for your attention and affection.


An Even More Heartbroken #2

Life in Color said...

Dry your tears, I love you too son.

chicken said...

some would say that you were using the term "number one son" to merely identify the son in the birth order and nothing more...says the mom of two boys!

Poor Stephen...first he gets dropped down the chute...then left at home for the Pirate games...now this?