Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Flip Phone and Me


Please tell me it isn't so.

Can I possibly be the last person on the planet who does not send nor receive text messages?

How is that possible?

It is possible because I am cheap.  My old flip phone is steadfast and reliable.  It requires no additional dollars added to my monthly bill to insure internet connectivity at all times.  It is simple to operate.  A simple phone for a simple minded user.  It is enough.  Or it has been until recently.

My daughter in law has been on my case for a couple of years to get current.  She teases me with the promise of frequent photos of my favorite grandchildren.  Daily documentation of their sweet young lives, a far away grandmother's dream come true.  Even my sister has jumped on the texting bandwagon and spars frequently with my number one son via text jabs and counter punches on the state of the Tennessee Titans vs the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Apparently I have been missing all manner of communication, most recently from several of my friends.  Assuming I am a connected textie they have been sending messages my way for several weeks and wondering what in the world is wrong with me that I have not responded.  Looks of shock and disbelief are always followed with why?

I think the why is that my thumbs just don't work that fast.  And those tiny little key boards.  What's up with that anyway?  I would need a magnifying glass to identify the letters.  And then there's the language.  The abbreviations.  The acronyms.  The emoticons.  It's enough to make my head spin.  Do you think Rosetta Stone offers an online class in texting?  I would certainly need to look into it.

I do have to admit I'm tempted.  If for no other reason than to see if all of those messages and photos that unsuspecting people have sent my way over the past few years are floating out there in some sort of text message purgatory.  And if I did get connected would all of those homeless messages show up at once?  And would that cause a stampede that would log jam the system so badly that cyber space would come crashing down around me?

I think I better stick to my flip phone.  That's just too much pressure for one person to endure.


Bethany Patton said...

. You dont even understand what your midding out on!!! Step up to the plate of technology and hold on for the ride...

Judy H. said...

Odd you should mention this today. Tonight I joined the herd and got a smart phone. It is good they gave me 14 days to return it. I feel it may be smarter than me.

Marla Logan said...

Goooooo Judy!!!!! Come Susan, you are so much more techy tham me, and even I have a smart phone, and I'm plain stupid!!! Please, pretty please????

Audrey said...

Yes - even I have an iPhone. But how it came about shows that I really have no business with this phone! I loved my old phone. It wasn't a flip phone, but it wasn't the up to date smart phones of today. I had battery problems with the first battery - which my children replaced for me. I seemed to have problems with the second battery. After charging, I couldn't get the phone to turn on. It was decided that I definitely needed a new phone - so Ky went to the store and purchased one for me. AFTER she made the purchase, when the clerk was getting ready to transfer my contact information to the new phone, he asked what was wrong with the old phone. Ky responded that I couldn't get it to turn on - at which time the clerk hit the right button and the phone came on immediately! My daughter just rolled her eyes. The clerk allowed that maybe I just wanted a new phone - I couldn't possibly be so technologically deficient as to not know which button to push to turn on the phone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get a new phone. -k-