Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rain and Other Things


It is raining.

Of course it is.

I spent the better part of Thursday afternoon rolling up the rugs and hosing down the lanai.  It was clean and welcoming for all of 24 hours.

I shouldn't complain.  Rain at this time of year is always welcome.  (Except by those dishing out the big bucks for beach front condos and hotel rooms.)  But we locals know that April showers may not bring May flowers but they do help stave off deadly spring brush fires.

On another note, she's leaving today.  One of the 7 AM walkers of last summer who for the past four months has kept my feet in motion, and encouraged and supported my "intentional" new life style.  We've logged more miles than I care to count and shared bits and pieces of our lives along the way.  Safe travels you "silly sausage."  See you soon.


P.S.  Marcia, go easy on her, she's already whining about the cold and rain that will greet her upon arrival.

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