Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Taste of Spring


Spring is in full bloom in central Tennessee.  I am delighted.  Can't you detect the glee in my voice?  I have been suffering from spring fever of late and this little road trip has soothed my tortured soul.  because nowhere that I have ever lived or traveled does spring arrive in as grand a fashion as it does in the south eastern United States.

If you have never experienced spring in the south, I recommend you add it to your bucket list.  The woods are alive in bright spring greens; dogwood blossoms are abundant; and all manner of flowers, both wild and otherwise have sprung to life.  The locals tell me it is a tad early this year but I don't mind one little bit.  Bring it on I say.  Bring on spring, bursting with new growth, new life and hope.

We all deserve a taste of spring.  Don't you agree?

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