Sunday, September 9, 2012

Construction, Day 1

It began on Thursday, no, that's not true, it began on Wednesday with the arrival of the electrician whose sole job was to transfer power to the temporary pole which had been unceremoniously planted in our back yard the previous week .  It (the pole) is reminiscent of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree stripped of both branches and needles and sits companionably next to the over sized green dumpster.  The pair make quite a statement, of what I don't know.

There was a bit of confusion with the "the big kahuna" (a.k.a. Penn Power) and the permitting process.  Feel free to interpret that as nothing got done that day.  Nothing except chasing us from our cozy little bedroom.  With sheet rock and dust raining down upon us we felt we didn't have much choice in the matter  and moved quickly to vacate the premises.  We spent the remainder of Wednesday moving furniture and setting up a temporary bedroom on the porch.  With three sides of uncovered glass it is  much like having your bedroom in a department store display window.

Demo began in earnest early Thursday morning when the power company and the wrecking crew descended en mass to complete the power transfer and begin dismantling the old garage.


Excitement that we were finally on our way was mixed with a hint of guilt that we were tearing down a piece of local history.  Little red was the first cottage constructed in the neighborhood and had served its people well.  The wave of nostalgia passed quickly as I reminded myself the garage had been an afterthought and a poorly constructed one at that.  It was time for it to go.


wgarage demo_3

Our very young wrecking crew worked hard throughout the day taking the old garage apart piece by piece.


At some point Binko (don't ask, as long as the work gets done I find it's not necessary to know the details) arrived with a bucket truck and wood chipper and began ridding the yard of the remains of the felled Maple.  With the assitance of The Kid and one our helpful neigbors work progressed quickly.


During the course of the afternoon the garage vanished along with the Maple.


Before we knew it the landscape at the cottage had changed forever.


Now on with the show.


Grammy said...

OMG!! It is really happening!!?? I can't wait to see it!! And Binko!! Hahaha!!! Keep posting pictures please!!

Bethany Patton said...

The windows on the porch are mighty nice! I sure would hate to see them go.

Audrey said...

Looks awesome! Keep the pictures coming!