Monday, September 3, 2012

The Tree

For decades it stood, tall and strong. A guardian.  A protector.  Shading the cottage from the harsh mid-day sun.  Providing a respite for birds and squirrels in the warm months and a break front from snow drifts and winter winds in the cold.  During the in between there were colorful displays of bright yellows and greens.


I hated to see it go.

There really was no other choice.  It had succumbed to some unknown illness.  It's trunk rotting away before eyes.  The experts said it was only a matter of time.  The once sturdy trunk would no longer be able to support the spreading canopy and it would one day topple in the midst of a howling wind.


It took mere minutes.  The crew of two used tie lines and a chain saw to precisely drop it where it would cause no harm.  The once tall and mighty tree was felled.


Left in its stead is vulnerability and exposure.  An emptiness.  And yet the sun streams through our bedroom window lighting up the little room as never before.  A sign of hope?  Of promise for brighter days ahead?

I know that over time I will grow accustomed to the change.  The emptiness will slowly dissipate.  A new tree will be planted to take it's place.  It too will grow tall and strong and protective.

It is the way of things.


Judy H. said...

It is sad to lose a tree. We have had to have 3 huge maples taken out and I still miss the shade and birds. Fall is a great time to plant a new tree.

Grammy said...

That IS sad! Hurry new tree and grow!!!!