Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coming Over To The Dark Side

I fought it.  Yes I did.  Fought it with every bit of camera snobbery I could muster.   And yet I have to admit that when the time came I didn't go kicking and screaming.  Didn't dig in my heals and stick out my chin in a fit of stubborn refusal.  And now it's done.  I have an iphone.  An iphone with a camera and aps and Instagram.  I'm not addicted.  At least not yet.  But I've tasted the Kool Aide and ordered a refill.

In my defense, I have been wanting a small point and shoot to carry in my purse.  It isn't always convenient to drag around the big girl camera.  The size of it coupled with two or three pounds of lens protruding from its body is intimidating to some.  Okay, to most.  Quite often it gets left behind and opportunities are missed.  The iphone seems to be the right man for the job.

It's going to take some getting used but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  I sit at traffic lights and railroad crossings snapping away, McDonald's drive-thru (diet coke fix) and railroad crossings.  Nothing is sacred and there is no chasing of perfection required.  It is but another tool in the arsenal, another way to capture a slice of life.


And perhaps it will keep me from getting evicted from Lowes.


Judy H. said...

Noticed this on a site I frequent. Might be interesting.

Audrey said...


chicken said...

You already know how excited this makes me!!

Marla Logan said...

Welcome to the dark side!! Glad to have you aboard! Now we can text and send pics??? I love it and can hardly wait!! Exciting to see the work on the cabin! Keep us posted!