Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Feet....Not

As you may recall I have been having a little problem with my right foot.

The diagnosis was confirmed.  Plantar Fasciitis.


The long of it:  the arch on my right foot will no longer support my weight properly.  It sagged, stretching and pulling on the fascia until it became inflamed and began to tear away from the bone where it attaches to the heel.

The short of it:  I am married to my tennis shoes with arch supports for two months.  And then we will see.

The good news:  After a round of predisone and two weeks in my tennis shoes and arch supports I have noticed improvement.

(Well, except for the day I had my insoles in the wrong shoes.  That little fiasco set me back a few days.  But seriously how stupid can one be?  Don't answer that.)

The bad news:  I am married to my tennis shoes for two months and then we'll see.  (Did you know that God doesn't care if you wear tennis shoes to church?  That's what the doctor said.  I wonder how he knows?)  The only time I am permitted to be barefoot is in the shower.  Any time my feet hit the floor they are to be in tennis shoes with arch supports.

The additional bad news:  There are four of us who walk each morning.  Three of us have issues with our right feet.  All different issues, but issues none the less.  We have all visited the same podiatrist who is now planning his trip to the Mediterranean.  The result:  no one is walking.

I miss my girls.  A lot is discussed and decided on during those morning walks.

The bad news:  I am married to my tennis shoes for two months and then we'll see.

I love my sandals.  I love going bare foot.  I love flat shoes.

I can't wait to file for divorce.

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Audrey said...

Wishing you full recovery to be back on the road this fall!