Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Just Can't Take It Anymore

When something in your life causes you so much stress that your heart races and your stomach ties itself in knots day in and day out, you should give it up.  Walk away.  Cut all ties.


That is why I am giving up baseball.

More specifically Pittsburgh Pirate baseball.

Those boys of summer are driving me crazy.  The blown saves, errors, missed opportunities, injuries, pitching woes......you name it, our Buccos have it.  The fiasco that has become my Pirates in recent weeks has caused me so much stress and anguish that I can no longer bear to watch.  My mental and physical health is at risk.

And so I am saying good bye.

Farewell Cutch (hope you return soon, that was a cheap shot to the back you took), Jordy (hope you return soon too, you have developed into an awesome SS), Garret (hope you are back in action soon also), Ike, JHay (you are still "da man"), Neil (that was one long bomb you launched into the Allegheny River last night), Travis (thanks for manning up and playing an awesome left field, but please, ditch that nasty tobacco habit), Gregory (hope you sign that contract soon), Starling (keep those Marte parte's coming) and Russ (what can I say, I love you man, you da bomb).

I will miss you all but you are breaking my heart.  I just can't take it anymore.

So farewell my Battlin Buccos.

I am over you.

All of you.

At least until you start winning again!

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Audrey said...

I thought you might say until the next game!