Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Shoe Shopping

I am a shoe person.  I love shoes.  I am also cheap so most of the time I manage to keep things under control selecting designs and colors that will work with my black and white wardrobe.  (That was a joke people.  Although if you ask The Kid he would tell you that sadly that black and white thing is true.)

After receiving the edict passed down from the podiatrist three weeks ago condemning me to a life of "tennis shoes with inserts for the next two months and then we will see," I decided a shopping trip was in order.  My walking shoes were past their prime and the remaining pair of athletic shoes in my closet were malodorous from wearing them sans socks for the past year.

A trip to the local outlets was scheduled.  The Principal went along because, well, she never passes up a shopping trip.  And, as everyone knows, it is no fun to shop alone.

So here's the rub, what on earth has gotten into the athletic shoe industry?  The aisles were filled with neon colored running shoes, walkers in multiple shades of everything and a variety of other bad ideas. Although one in our party was enthralled with the wedge heeled high tops and found the silver bullets too intriguing to pass up.

Me, I was dumb founded.  I limped along the aisles desperately seeking the white ones.  The light gray ones.  The plain janes with a touch of  color on the side that would go with everything.  The ones just like the ones I was about to discard.

Where were the Keds?  The cross trainers of old?  The walkers for common folk?

What I found?

Shelves stacked to the ceiling with clown shoes.

I was doomed.

And that's when it came to me.....


If you can't beat em...join em.

Besides...everything goes with black & white.  Right?

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Audrey said...

Yes - quite stylish!!