Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I Want To Know

I found the following on my morning tour of the web.  I could have written it. (That is if I could string words together with such beauty and grace.)  I wish I had written it.  Instead I'll share it.


what i want to know is

is it okay that i'm not trying to change the world?
that most days i'm content just to change my pajamas
and that most months, most years
i consider myself lucky to have made it this far
because it's all so damn complicated
is it okay that all i really have are questions
all i've ever had are questions and that i get sick
and tired of hearing all those answers being shouted
from other people's rooftops when i know they are
in just as much danger of slipping off as i am
is it okay that some nights i can't sleep
because the walls can't hold all the things
in my heart and my hands scribble scrabble
in a vain attempt to clean up all my messes,
knitting words that never see the light of day
is it okay that i don't need to be fixed
because surely i'm not broken, i've seen broken
and my soul is nobody's business but my own
in fact it's whole and beautiful even if it is
lined with purple shadows of doubt
is it okay that some nights i just want to sit
by the fire with a book in my hands
that takes me anywhere but here and it's not
because i need to escape my life
it's just that some days i'm tired
i just don't feel like changing the world,
some days i just want to be in it
feeling it squish between my toes
and dragging me down down down
before i float away?

                                      ~ Kelly Letky
                                         that's mrs. mediocrity to you

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