Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Different Perspective


I have been home now for several days, surrounded by the familiar.  Nestled into the ordinary.  And I have to admit that encased in the comfort of home sixty doesn't look so daunting.

In fact just the opposite.  Because, seriously, why on earth would I want to relive my twenties?  Those years were filled with insecurity and a need to conform.  Who needs it?

My thirties?   Little league was fun, but those PTA meetings?  Not so much.

My forties?  Teenagers?  No way, no how.  Nuff said.

My fifties?  Well maybe.

Sixty?  Life looks pretty good from here.

Children raised?    Check.
Grandchildren to play with?  Check, check.
Parents to give them back to when I'm done playing?  Check.
Friends to love, both old and new?  Check, check.
Retirement?  Check
A camera in my hands?  Check
Living life on my terms?  Check
The Kid to share it all with?  Check, check

Life is what you make it.  At any age.


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AMEN!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!