Monday, February 13, 2012

Sixty is a Big Number

Today is my birthday.  I share this with you not because I'm looking for well wishes from you, the magnificent eleven, but because this  birthday is a BIG one.  It is a decade crasher.  After ten years of successfully climbing the ladder of the previous decade all that awaits is a shove off the top landing one unceremoniously at the bottom of a new decade.  I find myself sprawled on the floor not at all certain how I feel about any of this.


Sixty.  The big six o.  It is a large number.  My first thoughts were when did this happen?  And how? After all just last month I was in my twenties and chasing toddlers.  I was sleep deprived but the only things sagging were the bags under my eyes.  Bikinis were a reality not a dream.

Three weeks ago I was cruising through my thirties juggling little league ball games and PTA meetings. I admit there may have been some gray sprouting amid all of that dark brown but simply by skipping a desert or two bikinis were still an option.  Oh yea, life was good.

Two weeks ago I stumbled through my forties.  Teenagers filled the house with noise and confusion.  It was during this time that someone, somewhere, had the bright idea to reduce the size of the print in our telephone book.  Bifocals entered my life along with Lady Clairol.  After all it was far too soon to be sporting all of that gray. Somehow I survived those teenage years and the gray hair,  but my bikinis did not.

Just last week I eased into my fifties.  A period of relative calm and quiet. I enjoyed it so much I truly hate to see it end.  It was the decade of grandchildren.  Babies and toddler reentered my life only this time without the sleep deprivation.  I embraced the gray, but bikinis had become a nightmare.

And now I'm sixty.  I'm sitting on the floor at the foot of the ladder nursing my bruised ego.  My hair is white, I'm blind as a bat and everything is sagging.  Where does one go from here?  In truth the options are limited so I guess I had better pick myself up and start climbing again.

But not before I tell you why the sudden preoccupation with bikinis.

To be continued.


Judy H. said...

You didn't ask for birthday wishes, but here is one anyway from one who is near the top of the next ladder. Your timeline is interesting and I have often felt like the years were mere minutes. Hope you did something fun on your big day.

chicken said...

I read somewhere once...that the days are long, but the years are short...and I believe that with my whole heart! Yesterday I was going to my jr high orientation...yet tomorrow Patrick will be finished with jr high! How can that be?
Regardless...I will wish you a happy day...because we have already discussed your birthday! And, I must say that since I have been lucky enough to get your gray hair and your forgetfulness, I hope that I also age as gracefully as you do!

Life in Color said...

Judy - The years certainly do seem like minutes don't they?

Chicken - And tomorrow Patch will be getting married! But I'd rather not think about that.

Audrey said...

Although bikinis were never an option for me - I otherwise feel very much the same as you as I hurl toward my date with 60! The days are indeed long, but where have all the years gone??

Thanks for wonderful memories! Hope you had a beautiful day.

Life in Color said...

Audrey - You are one of several near and dear to me who are hurling towards the big six zero. (You know who you are Tim, Resha & Kay.) The good news is that so many of those wonderful memories include you.