Thursday, February 9, 2012


After pondering yesterday's post concerning the absence of words I have decided that words aren't the real problem after all.  It's ideas.  Creativity, or lack thereof.  When an idea clicks the words follow.

It seems I am idea-less.  A word I'm certain you will not find in Webster's.  Perhaps the prepositions had a party inviting all manner of useless information who danced and drank the night away leaving behind a mess that no one has had the good sense to clean up.  It must have been a doozy too, since my creativity has locked itself in its room and refuses to come out.

It's tough being a blogger.  Even one with 11 followers.


And on a totally unrelated note I will be MIA for a few days.  Check back early next week.  Hopefully by then the prepositions will have come out of their stupor and cleaned up the mess.


Audrey said...

Hopefully it's a short absence. You will be missed...

Marla Logan said...

Wow! If you think you are idea-less, then I mist be brain dead! Have a nice sebatical, but come back!! I love your blog and happen to think you do a great job!!!!