Saturday, February 4, 2012

Vegas Headliner


Yesterday at lunch I was asked to recite that pesky list of prepositions.  There was doubt in the rank and file. Naysayers among friends.  They were a tough crowd too.  The kind that know you well enough to egg you on in public.  I'm almost certain they were hoping I would fail and humiliate myself with my bold proclamation, thus providing them with an anecdote of embarrassment to trot out at future gatherings.  I really thought this group had higher standards.  Apparently I was wrong.  You will however, be pleased to know that I did not disappoint.  The sweet little list of forty perky preps flowed forth from lips like manna from heaven and the cheers and applause that followed was nothing short of inspiring.  So much so that I'm thinking about taking this show on the road.

Look out Donnie and Marie....   Vegas here I come.

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