Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Penny for Your Thoughts


Do you pick up lost pennies?  Or found pennies...  because in truth once you notice them they really aren't lost anymore.  That is unless you continue on your way too busy or too jaded to stop and pick them up.  In that case is the penny still lost or is it found but rejected?  An insult that compounds the sad plight of the penny even further.

Me, I'm a penny picker upper.  Once I catch a glimpse of that little copper disc I am compelled to stop, stoop and pocket.  I've been known to dig them out of the dirt and scoop them out of muddy puddles.   Oh I've tried to ignore them.  Walk on.  Mind my business.  But I can't do it.  Something inside me disengages stopping all forward progress.  "Find a penny pick it up all the day you'll have good luck" begins playing in my head, repeating itself in an annoying fashion until I give in.  I turn.  I stop.  I stoop.  I pocket.

I know pennies don't bring me good luck.  I know because I've paid attention.  Someone once told me they have to be heads up for luck.  I know this is not true either.  I know because I've paid attention.  I've picked up pennies at little league ball games.  I've rubbed them back to greatness hoping for one more hit.  And still the game was lost.  It matters not whether heads or tails; the luck thing is bogus.  A cruel joke played on a gullible world by a simple minded soul.  I know and yet I stop.  I stoop.  I pocket.

I look at it this way.  I have not only saved the life of the little lost penny but perhaps my own.  That is if one considers every stop, stoop and pocket as a squat.  If I pick up twenty lost coins that equals twenty squats towards a healthier me.  Five hundred might be enough to firm thighs fit enough for swimsuit season.  If this idea catches on it could conceivably put health clubs out of business.

Not to be overshadowed by fitness is the purchase power of lost pennies.  If I collect fifty I can score a senior coffee at Mickey D's.  And just think of the possibilites of one hundred lost pennies at the dollar store.  Why if I pocketed enough lost copper I could purchase a weeks worth of groceries at the local Publix and get into shape all at the same time.

Find a penny pick it up all the day you'll have.......a lot of loose pennies in your pocket.


Tim Logan said...

Awesome thoughts. What if we treated people like lost pennies and the next time we encountered a lost face we took time to smile and encourage. Perhaps in time we would realize how blessed we are as well as lifting someone else's spirit.

Life in Color said...

Amen Brother Tim, Amen.

Marla Logan said...

If you get tired of those pennies in your pocket, I know a special little grandson who likes coins in his pockets ;)

Life in Color said...

He prefers silver, but he is pure gold!