Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Life Confined


She arrives tonight.  A welcome break from the day to day of a life confined.  Four walls, a ceiling, two doors, one window....and the hope that someone might stop by and relieve the boredom.

Eyes and ears clouded by age strain to catch a glimpse of the lives living beyond the walls.   Those lives now the focus of a shrunken world, intwined in ways no one dared imagine.  Spoken words are often tinged with anger and frustration, a last gasp at Independence in a world of dependency.

She arrives tonight.  A welcome break in a life confined.  Two new ceilings, eight new walls,  three new doors, many new windows.  New lives to watch and focus upon.   Words will soften from the warmth of the Florida sun until complacency sets in.  With that comes the realization that nothing has really changed.

She arrives tonight.   A welcome break in a life confined.


Kay Carboni said...

In my mind, I captured the picture you painted with your words. Enjoy your visit with her. I know you are a blessing to her even if she doesn't tell you.

Life in Color said...

Thanks Kay. She really is grateful that she has all of us and tells us often. It's that her world is so limited. See you in March!

Marla Logan said...

Sniff, sniff!! You are so good with your story writing!! You really should do a book! Enjoy your momma and tell her we send our love and say hello!!

Life in Color said...

Thanks Marla. Will pass along your message.