Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Game On

The gauntlet was dropped.  The challenge was on.  Photog75 vs Pattonbs1616 (the names have been changed to protect the innocent, but you know who they are).  It would be a duel of words.  Scrabble words.

If you know Pattonbs1616 you know that:
  1. She loves to play Scrabble.
  2. She is quite good at it.
  3. No, she is VERY good at it.
  4. She is competitive.  Maybe even ruthless.
  5. She hates to lose.
If you know Photog75 you know that:
  1. She rarely plays word games.  
  2. She's not very good at Scrabble.
  3. She is however, competitive.  Not quite ruthless, she'll let the grandkids win once in awhile; and
  4. She too hates to lose.
So there it was, the challenge was on the table.  Photog75 was more than a little anxious, but couldn't turn her back on the challenge.  Stubbornness won the day and it was game on.

It was a match of wills.  Pattonbs1616 made big plays quickly and efficiently.  Photog75 agonized over the possibilities, relentlessly searching the Scrabble dictionary to make certain no playable tile was left on the board.

The battle waged for three long days.  When it came time for the last play of the game, the score was tied.  With a little luck and a lot of determination Photog75 cleared her tray and claimed the victory 435 - 414.  In a game for the ages the underdog had emerged victorious.  The Scrabble Queen had gone down.


The celebration however was short lived.  A rematch was underway within minutes.  And although the game is far from over I'm pretty certain Photog75 is going down....in flames.

The good times just never seem to last.

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