Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Hero


It may be a new season and a new team but it appears The Kid still has what it takes.

It was the top of the final inning, Crazies was down 7-5. There were two outs and two men on base when guess who steps up to the plate?  He let the first pitch go by.  The second one came whizzing in and wham, the crack of bat on ball said it all.

The ball soared over the center fielder's head dropped to the ground and started to roll.  Like a run-a-way snowball on a downhill run, the darn thing headed for Naples.  (In senior softball the last thing an outfielder wants to happen is to have one drop behind them.  These old guys just don't have the stamina to chase them down.)   There were a few moments of concern as The Kid puffed around the bases...would that hammy hold up?  But when he crossed the plate and the dugout emptied in celebration, one thing was certain...The Kid was back.

Following the 3-run homer, the defense held and Crazies went on to win their first game of the season 8-7.

The team was so excited I think they would have carried The Kid off the field if they had thought their new hips and knees would hold up.


Audrey said...

GREAT start to the season. Congratulations!

Kay Carboni said...

Can't wait to see him play. Hopefully they will still be playing during our Spring Break--the week of March 19? Good luck the rest of the season.

Tim Logan said...

Way to go Kid!! I'm smelling MVP.

Marla Logan said...

Yeah for the Kid!!! You make all so proud!! Love you guys!!

chicken said...

I love how you don't even bother trying to hide the "hips and knees" comments! And who doesn't love a post about my most favorite uncle?

Anonymous said...

Did he "tebow" at the end? Yay, team!