Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Weeks In


We are two weeks in on operation healthy eating.  Weight is coming off, slowly, which is good.  I am delighted that we are achieving the desired results.  But for me this is more than a weight loss plan.  It is a life plan.  A commitment to making healthier choices every day.

Yet I wonder.  How am I going to succeed when I am already craving a jumbo sized plate of pasta?  I am quickly tiring of the steamed veggies and salads that accompany our grilled protein of the day.  Where's the rice?  The mac and cheese?  The mashed potatoes?

Yesterday evening time was spent perusing the pages of a low fat cook book that has been gathering dust on a shelf for years.  The Kid was on a mission to shake up the menu, an attempt to add more variety to the dinner table.  Recipe titles sounded scrumptious.  It was upon further inspection that they lost their luster.   No fat sour cream.  Butter buds deluded in water.  Skim milk.  No fat cream cheese.

The question begged to be asked.  Where's the flavor?    I have used many of these products in the past.  They are tasteless and bland.

A tasteless and bland life plan will not work.  I know this from experience.  Soon butter and real sour cream will make their way back into the refrigerator and olive oil will once again reign supreme.  Before long mashed potatoes will accompany roasted chicken and thick slices of garlic bread will cozy up to the spaghetti and meatballs whose portion size has exploded in an effort to squelch the cravings.

I am determined to make this work, to become more healthy.  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store in spite of the high cost of skipping the center isles.  I want a better life plan.  The question remains, how does one find the balance that will sustain over the long haul?

If you know where I can find it, I would be beholden if you would pack it up and ship it to me.  Express.


Tim Logan said...

i Love the pictures and titles on project 365.

Emily said...

Aunt Sue try food and also Rachel Ray. They have a lot of recipes that have a lot of flavor and variety. I know that is a shock coming from a picky eater, but it might help. love you lots