Monday, January 30, 2012

One Month, Four Weeks, Thirty One Days


We are approaching the completion of one month of healthier living.  Four weeks of sensible choices.  Thirty one days of eating with intent, walking with a purpose.  How's that working out you ask?   I would have to answer okay.  Not great.  Not wonderful.  Not exciting.  But okay.

Do I feel better?  Yes.  Definitely better.

Have I lost weight?  Yes.  Not a lot but the wardrobe has expanded as the waistline slowly shrinks.

Is it easy?  No.

Do I get frustrated?  Yes.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a life style change.  A marathon of living better not a three week sprint with a hot fudge sundae waiting at the finish line.

It is about intention.   And choice.

As January draws to a close and February looms on the horizon with its twenty nine days of unique challenges, I choose to continue.

I choose to be intentional about the food I eat.

I choose to be healthier.

(Check back at the end of February to see if my resolve holds up under pressure.)


Tim Logan said...

You go girl. Remember we are living an intentional life! I like your word for the year.

Emily said...

you can do it Aunt Sue, you can do IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life in Color said...

Tim - You don't know how many times that word is repeated in my head every day! Maybe if I'm intentional about repeating it I'll live it better.

Amy - Thanks for the support.