Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

Oh what a beautiful mornnnninggg.
Oh what a beautiful dayyyyyy.
I on my way to the cottttaggge.
Everything's going my way.

We are packed tight and on are way.  By the time this post activates we will be somewhere in Georgia with our sites set on Hickory and the grands.  (You didn't really think I could pass that close to my babies and not stop for a spell did you?)

As a final follow-up to my photo challenge I thought I'd share some of the contenders with you.  Images that for one reason or another did not make the final cut.  If you are tired of looking at pink bougainvilleas and palm trees I suggest you take your leave now.





It looks like a very long day in the car today.  Picture me with my nose tucked inside of Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games trilogy.  I will surface only for potty breaks and to assist in the reading of large green traffic signs.

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