Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hazardous Duty


I recently encountered one of the hazards of country living, a spider bite.  At least I think that's what got me.

We have been diligently working at removing some old shrubs from around the cottage.  At the end of the first day of work I noticed a little bump on my cheek.  The little bump has evolved into a volcano the size of Mt. Vesuvius and occasionally erupts oozing disgusting viscous matter.

Makeup is of no use.  It barely conceals the offensive blight on my face and probably doesn't promote optimal healing.

The thing is so bad that one of my walking buddies found it necessary to don sunglasses in order to ward off the red glare radiating from my face.

It aint easy living in the country.

1 comment:

Judy H. said...

Have you gone to the Dr or a clinic? Someone sent me an email about nasty spider bites. Noting to mess with.