Monday, June 11, 2012

Love Birds


It was gray and dreary outside, drizzling rain.  I needed a photo for my 365 project.  I didn't have an idea in mind when I left the house but found myself moving in the direction of the lake.  There are two swallows' nests nestled in the cover of my neighbor's boat lift.  Perhaps I would find my image there.

A flock of geese were floating just off shore enjoying the summer shower.  It was then that I noticed the pair, separated from the rest of the flock, lagging behind the crowd.  Staying close.  Sharing secrets.  Each aware only of the other.

The beauty of a 365 Project is my self imposed rule to shoot one photograph every day.  Had I not needed an image for today I would have stayed warm and dry indoors and missed this pair of love birds.

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