Wednesday, June 27, 2012



There are two Swallow nests tucked beneath the canopy of our neighbor's boat lift.  It is a ritual that occurs annually.  Soon after the dock is place in the water and the canopy erected over the lift  the little birds move in and set up house keeping.

Swallow's nests are light on square footage.   With four children per family space was at a premium.  It is surprising that one or more of the little fellas didn't get pushed out of the nest and end up in the lake, especially in the frenzy of feeding time.

It took several attempts but I was finally able to get a few pictures of the fledgling flyers.

And the next day.....  they were gone.

Those darn teens, always in a hurry to leave the nest.

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Maery Rose said...

Barn swallows have to be the funniest looking bird babies. Overcrowded is right and you never want to stand under a nest when they switch positions to you know what.