Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Falling Leaves and Such

Sunday was a fabulous fall day.  The sun was shining.  The sky was a brilliant shade of blue.  The afternoon temperature settled nicely around the 65 degree mark.  We deemed it a perfect day to tackle our end of season outdoor work.


Leaves were mulched.  Porch furniture was hauled to the barn and replaced with the wood holder that was then stacked high with firewood.  Leaves were mulched.  Planters were emptied.  The canoe and kayak moved from the lake to their winter residence in the barn.  Did I mention leaves were mulched?

Most of the afternoon was spend on or behind a mower.  We have found that it is much easier to mulch the leaves as they fall instead of raking them.  Our other option is to pray for a windy day when the leaves are blown to the woods behind the barn.  Since we can't count on the latter we opted to mulch on Sunday.  It took all afternoon but eventually the job was done.  Completed.  Finished.

As dusk settled over the lake we sat with a glass of wine toasting our accomplishment.  Nary a leaf could be spotted on the newly mowed lawn. (Actually it is a stretch to call our property a lawn as one has to search in order to find actual grass.  But it's green and requires mowing so it qualifies in my book.)  We headed off to bed feeling quite pleased with ourselves.

Over night it rained.

The wind kicked up.

What we found on Monday morning?  Our newly mowed lawn had vanished.  Completely covered in freshly fallen leaves.  More leaves than were on the ground when we started to work on Sunday.  How could this be?  All that work!  All those leaves!  All that time!

Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor.

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