Saturday, October 4, 2014

Wild in Pittsburgh

Buctober was a one day affair.

It came and went in a flash.


The build up to the event was slow and steady beginning upon awakening early on a cool Wednesday morning.

It continued as we checked into our river front hotel then boarded the T (Pittsburgh's underground transit) for the short hop across the river into downtown.

It swelled as we caught our first glimpse of PNC Park,

and walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge.


It picked up in intensity as we strolled along the river walk and chatted with the tail gaters.


Even Mother Nature was a fan, turning the river into a sparkling vision of black and gold.


This banner first appeared at the 1979 World Series.  It was reprised last season and somehow made its way from Florida to Pittsburgh for the big game.  We were privileged to add our names to the faded and frayed sign, to become part of its legacy and lore.


Over two hours before the gates opened the black clad crowd outside the stadium was swelling and abuzz with excitement.

You could feel it.  It was in the air.  Something special was about to begin.

By game time the noise was deafening.  The crowd, now on its feet,  rocking and swaying to a rhythm all its own, riding an adrenalin wave so high and wide it appeared to have no end.


For four fantastic innings it was magic, unlike anything I had ever experienced.

And then the unthinkable happened.

A grand slam home run sucked every single molecule of air from the stadium with one swing of the bat.

Neither the team nor the crowd recovered.

Our beloved Buccos went down in defeat.

And yet...

It was the most fun of any sporting event I have ever attended.  I have no regrets.  I would do it again.

And the best part of all?

There are only four months until spring training!

Let's Go Bucs!!

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