Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It Was A Blast

This past weekend was spent taking in a Blast of a volleyball game.


The 8 & 9 year old B Blasts had it going on from the top of their pony tailed heads to the bottom of their brightly colored sneakers and our Miss A was in the thick of it.


It was all action.  All the time.
And occasionally the ball even found its way over the net.

Serve it up girl.


Grammmy!  Put that camera away!
(I was so busted.)


In spite of the loss the Blast was all smiles giving high five and congratulations to their opponents.
(But seriously, how fair is it beating someone half your size?  Just sayin.)

Oh, and this one?
He won.

But then again, the other team failed to show.

I think they were afraid.  Rumor has it the Blaze is a darn good soccer team with a coach who knows how to win.

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Audrey said...

Fun! Fun! Fun!