Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Old Friends

We are off on an adventure today with our new old friends.  I know that I have mentioned them before but have not shared the story of how we reconnected with these lovely people.

On a Sunday morning in Florida last winter, The Kid and I were deeply involved in painting the house when Henna sounded the intruder alarm.  Standing on our front porch was a strange gentleman who told me he was looking for The Kid and did he still live here.  Hesitant and puzzled I stammered around and finally acknowledged that yes he did still live there.  It was then that The Kid rounded the corner, took one good look at the stranger and in instant recognition greeted him as a long lost friend.  Indeed he was.


Denny and The Kid grew up together in the wilds of a tiny community known as Pardoe.  They have many stories to share about life in the country in a time when kids had the freedom to roam at will. They peddled their bicycles from cornfields to strip mines and all parts in between and managed to get into a little mischief along the way.  Ahh, the good old days.

Denny and his wife happened to be spending a few weeks in south Florida.  He had our address and was determined to try and find us before heading north again.

To make a long story short we spent a wonderful day catching up, convinced them to alter their plans  and return later in the week to spend the night with us before heading to the Keys.  We learned that they live about an hour from us here just across the Ohio border .  We knew we would see them again over the summer.

It has been great fun watching The Kid reconnect in a good way with his childhood.  He has resurrected a friendship from his past and in the process I have gained two new friends.

This just proves that even if you are covered in paint on a warm January morning in south Florida, you should always answer the door.  You never know who might be standing on your front porch.

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