Monday, October 6, 2014

This And That


Autumn has a firm grip on Western Pennsylvania.  So much so that we had our first fire on Saturday afternoon.  Within a couple of hours Little Red felt like August in South Florida.  At one point we actually had sleet pelting the windows.  I am not ready for this.

Saturday was upset day in college football.  If you are a fan you must have thoroughly enjoyed the chaos.  I know I did.

I purchased a very large crock with a very large crack in it at an auction over the weekend.  For $2 it is worth salvaging.

On Sunday we celebrated family birthdays and a new job at my Big Sis' house.

Which reminds me...Happy Birthday Bethany.  (Just in case I slip up and forget on Thursday. We all know my birthday track record is questionable.)

I have the green light to ditch the sneakers for short periods of time.  I call that forward progress.

The neglected yellow cottage next to us has a new tenant.  This should prove to be a good thing for all involved.  Unfortunately Henna is having a more difficult time adjusting to the increased activity.

This morning it was cold on our walk, however the sun is shining and things should begin to warm up soon.  Thus far we have avoided a frost but I am afraid that milestone is just around the corner.

Happy Monday everyone.

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Audrey said...

Our first fire was Sunday. But summer has returned today.... and that yellow cottage had my name on it!!