Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Discomfort of Comfort

Comfort food.  Those words conjure up images of macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, scalloped potatoes, pasta, chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes.  (Just to name a few.)  It is all about taste and texture and comfort.

When the weather turns cool and the leaves begin to fall my desire for said comfort food reaches new heights.  I can't get enough.  It is an addiction of sorts.  Rich, creamy food washed down with the gifts of the season, pumpkin this or that or perhaps an apple pie or tart.  Eventually it happens..the discomfort.


The discomfort that comes from over indulging.  Eating too much of a good thing which leads to further discomfort.  The kind that comes when your clothes no longer fit.  Some say it is nature's way of preparing for the long winter.  Like squirrels and nuts the body stockpiles fat cells to insure survival during the long, harsh winter to come.

You would think that after all of these years my body would know better.  There is no such thing as a long, harsh winter in south Florida. There is a Publix and a Winn Dixie near by.  Both provide plenty of food to insure that I survive the 70 degree daytime highs and long walks along the beach.

And yet it happens every fall, right on cue, the desire for the comfort of food and the packing on of pounds.  What is a person to do?

For now I will squeeze myself into my too tight jeans and hope that when I reach the warm sea breezes in sunny Florida my craving for salads and all things healthy will kick in.  Until then?

Don't nag, just pass the mashed potatoes.

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Audrey said...

I pretty much ate nothing but a plate of warm, buttery mashed potatoes for dinner the other night. Loved every comforting bite.