Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's Buctober Baby

Happy first of Buctober!


For the second year in a row our Pittsburgh Pirates have made it into the post-season. After twenty years of toiling away in obscurity at the bottom of the heap, our boys are back.  It's been a crazy year of ups and downs with the team keeping us on the edge of our seats until the final day of the regular season.  The Kid and I have been with them every step of the way...literally.  I don't think we missed watching more than an handful of games all season.

My biggest regret last year was that we didn't attend the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh.  By all accounts the atmosphere was electric and the Buccos didn't disappoint.

Now it is a new year.  A new post-season.  I don't know what will happen when the team takes the field tonight.   We have some injuries to overcome.  But I know that this year The Kid and I will be there, lost in a sea of black at PNC park, hopefully spending the entire night on our feet shouting to the roof tops.

Rooting for our boys of summer.  Rooting for Cutch and Ike and Gabby and Neil.  For Jordy, JHay, Starling and Travis.  Rooting for Edinson, Mark, Tony and the rest of the bullpen.  And of course rooting extra loudly for my man, Russell.

Buctober may only last one day.  It may last a month or something in between.  But this year there will be no regrets.  Win or lose it's been a wild ride and we will see our boys through to the end.


It's Buctober baby.


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