Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Long and Winding Road

We've got the itch again. The one that usually leads to packing our bags and heading out on another exciting adventure. Only this time, this time, it doesn't involve a cruise ship. I can see the shock on your faces. But it's true, this time we're taking a road trip. A LONG road trip. We'll be gone almost two months and leave, well we already left, yesterday morning (Monday) to be exact. We have several stops planned along the way, but our sights are set on...can you guess?

Destination Maine. We will spend four wonderful weeks in the far north with temperatures below 90 and a relative humidity conducive to human habitation. Can you spell relief? Oh the glorious days ahead.

We've been plotting and planning for months and when the day finally dawned to get the car packed there were a few, well let's just call them "issues." On their recent visit C & J relieved of us some bedroom furniture that we've been moving around for several years. And while it was nice to see the old bed going to a good home, they couldn't quite fit it it all in their car when they departed. The pieces that were left behind posed a few problems when the packing began. But after a lot of deliberation and several attempts at getting it ALL in, a few things were left behind and several other items were relocated. Translated that means stuffed and jammed into any available space. Fortunately we will lose the bed at our first stop and Henna will not have to ride like this for very long.

She looked quite lovable with her nose peeking over the top of that headboard, but must have felt like a Gitmo detainee trapped in her designated and very small space.

In the pre-dawn light we pointed the car north on I75 and several hours later we had Georgia on our mind.

I think it's time Georgia redesigns their welcome signs, don't you. Come on people the Olympics were 13 years ago. Perhaps they could say "have a peachy good time" or "please keep your water intake to a minimum and don't flush, the well's almost dry."

And then there was this sign.

I think someone from the Tennessee highway department needs to take a look at how visitors are being greeted as they cross over the border. Not very welcoming if you ask me. Where oh were is that southern hospitality?

And so it went and day number 1 of our 7 week journey was in the book. Fourteen long hours later we arrived at our first stop, Nashville, Tennessee. We'll spend a few days visiting with C & J before hitting the road again on Sunday.

My goal, hope, wish, intent is to update the blog on a daily basis. I think we all know that is highly unlikely. Especially once we get to Maine, internet access at that time will be sporadic at best. However I promise to do my best to keep everyone informed of our whereabouts as often as possible.

I know you won't be able to sleep unless I do.

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