Monday, August 24, 2009

Embden Pond

Embden Pond. 5 miles long, ½ to 1 mile wide. 1,568 acres of crystal clear water. Our home for the next 14 days.

We are located in a cluster of little cabins bustling with activity by day, quiet and peaceful by night. I imagine that will change next week when the young families pack up and head home to get ready for the start of school.

Our little home away from home is not 4 star, far from in it in fact. It is however rustic and cozy, clean and adequate. I have a much clearer understanding of why the locals call them “camps.” Step outside onto our little deck and the world changes. It comes alive with a view of the lake (just 20 yards away), evergreens and birch trees, the mountains off in the distance. This morning they are shrouded in mist and the lake is calm. This is what I signed on for. This is how I envisioned the Maine woods.

Hopefully I will have pictures for the next post. And by the way I have seen a raccoon and a skunk but so far Bullwinkle has eluded me.

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