Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunrise and Best Friends

Did you have a best friend growing up? The kind that finished your sentences and always knew what your were thinking? The kind who spend almost as much time at your house as you did?The kind who logged endless hours on the phone with you talking about all of those life and death situations teens encounter on a daily basis?

I had one of those. We met in junior high when her family moved back to town. I don’t know if we bonded instantly or it developed over time. I do know that I couldn’t have made through high school without her. We were lucky we two, our husbands actually like each other: which has enabled the relationship to continue for something like 40 years. We used to vacation together. But these days we sneak a quick breakfast or lunch whenever we’re both in town and do most of our communicating via the internet. But that ends on Friday. A & B are coming to spend the weekend with us in our north woods hideaway. We have a lot of catching up to do and I’m not sure a weekend will be enough.

Sunrise comes early here in the north woods. But when the loons start their morning chorus there isn’t much one can do but rise up and enjoy the show. This particular morning the fog rolled in just about the time the sun peeked over the hill it made for some beautiful scenery.

(Mallard, not Loon)

Until next time unless the kick me out of the library!


Bethany Patton said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I got to enjoy the sunrise and still get my sleep! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You're up early. Lots of naps?

Bethany Patton said...

Has D seen a fish yet?