Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pennsylvania Welcomes You

When I see this:

It means two things...FAMILY and Coney Island hot dogs (Pennsylvania style). I can assure you I have eaten my fair share of the latter this past week. I have also seen my fair share of the former and it was great fun.

D's large family (and my much smaller one) are scattered across the hills of western Pennsylvania as if caught in a westerly breeze and dropped helter skelter to take root. One branch on the family tree is so remotely located that they entertain bears in their back yard. We didn't see any bears on our visit but were thoroughly entertained by nieces, nephews and cousins.

The photos below are a random collection of shots from get together and photo shoots. There are so many pictures to sort through after 10 days that I fear it will take me until Christmas to see daylight. So patience to those still waiting on proofs.

The only downside to our stay in Pa was the temperature. Apparently summer chose to arrive in time for our visit ushering in temperatures in the 90s and Florida style humidity. I'm still hopeful that my sweatshirt will see some action in the north woods of Maine.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, and you've made me homesick! -k-

Bethany Patton said...

Great pics. Those blue eyes are beautiful on that little girl!

Amy said...

Great pictures Aunt Sue and it was great but Miss Emily would like to know how come she is not on there? I told her that Aunt Sue has been really busy with taking so many pictures and enjoying her vacation that she will get to you soon, she did not forget about and she said "well I guess that is ok" by the way who are the other kids they are way to cute and great pic of Bubba and Jodi and Judi.

jodi said...

Your pictures are beautiful, of course!
Thanks...although I wish we had more time to spend with you.
Isn't that always the case?

We love and miss you!