Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am quite aware that I have been a slacker the past few days. Neglecting the blog when I promised I would update daily. My goal was to post on a regular basis as long as I was tethered to cyberspace. But there is a good reason for my absence, a very good reason. And I think you will have mercy on me when you learn about the little mishap that occurred on Friday evening. The little mishap that led to this....

Yes, that is me, crutches in hand, ice bag and knee brace in place, smiling through the pain.

Late Friday evening as I was descending into Chris' "Man Room" in the basement my foot slipped on the third from the bottom step. In my usual graceful manner I bounced, and none too lightly, the remainder of the way to the bottom. There was immediate pain and fear that I had in one clutsy moment, ruined our entire vacation. The one we had planned for six long months. When Saturday morning dawned the outlook was even more grave. The pain was intense and I was not able to bear weight on the wounded appendage. However, good fortune prevailed when I received a timely call from "the family physician." The call was for another reason entirely but it took me no time to begin begging for a consult. (Thank you Jerry) I have been following his advice religiously and I am pleased to report that the knee is recovering quite nicely. Yes it still hurts, but I am able to walk with a bit of a limp as long as I don't overdue. I am now convinced that surgery is not imminent and the trip can proceed. Do I hear an AMEN?

On Friday afternoon, prior to the "accident," we visited the famous Loveless Cafe. A Nashville landmark that has stood the test of time and progress.

Established in the early 1950's, the first owners of the Loveless served homemade biscuits and other southern delights out of the front door of their home. At that time the cafe was situated on the outskirts of the bustling town and catered to weary travelers heading to and from Nashville.

The enterprise grew, changed owners a few times, reinvented itself more than once until it evolved into it's modern day form. The restaurant remains in the original Loveless home. It caters to the same weary travelers and some very famous Nashville inhabitants.

It also serves the same homemade biscuits and I have first-hand knowledge that they are indeed tasty and definitely worth the wait.

And we did indeed have to wait.
Like most places that become landmarks they also become tourist traps. The Loveless is no exception.

The old motel has been converted into gift shops, art galleries, and other stores that cater to the wallets of guests patiently waiting for their beeper to issue the call to dine.

My family got into the spirit of things and posed for some pictures.

They are quite photogenic aren't they?

The second stop of the afternoon was the Natchez Trace.

The Trace is an old Indian route that extends from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville. The roadway is now a national park and provides scenic views and hiking tails for travelers.

I can only imagine how beautiful this roadway is in the fall. (Note to self: return in October for pictures.)

Our final stop of the day was the Harpeth River State Park. Probably the smallest state park in Tennessee.

The Harpeth is nothing more than a swimming hole, a fishing spot, or a canoe launch. There is one engineered pathway that leads to the river meandering its way under a bridge in Bellview.

I will admit that it is a quiet little slice of green space below the hustle and bustle of the growing city. A place to visit when one needs to clear their head and breathe in the beauty of nature.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! No need to copy me in injuring yourself while away from home. Remembr the "wrapping myself in plastic and falling at Detroit Metro episode?"
No fun.
Great blog. Love all the photos, especially the chair/geraniums and the roses at Loveless. The Natchez Trace bridge shot is A#1.

Now, be careful! It's a jungle out there.

Bethany Patton said...

you know Stephen and I canoed down the Harpeth...and the spot where Chris is standing looks very similar to where we launched off. Sorry about the injury...Pappy rubbing off on you?