Saturday, August 22, 2009

Destination Maine

After 3 days on the road we have arrived at our destination. Well almost. We can't check into our first cabin until this afternoon. But we're close enough to call it done. We're in Maine.

(Have you noticed that the welcome signs are getting smaller the farther north we travel? What's up with that?)

Yesterday we were surrounded by the White Mountains or the "great north woods" as the locals say. Not as high or as rugged as their western counterparts but beautiful none the less. And while I wouldn't want to live in this neck of the woods come January I think I have confirmed that I am a northern girl at heart. I'm afraid my pictures don't do it justice. Most are grab shots in poor lighting conditions...hopefully things will improve once we get settled.

We lost the heat and humidity somewhere in New Hampshire and I hope we don't find it again until at least next June. It was becoming quite bothersome. But here's the real kicker in the weather department, Hurricane Bill. This trip was carefully planned to leave south Florida during the months of August and September, aka hurricane season. Enter Bill. The latest forecast has him missing Florida completely and skimming the coast of New England bringing rough seas, breezy conditions and a lot of rain. There is irony here, somewhere, and maybe tomorrow I will find it and laugh about it. But not today, I hate to unpack in the rain.

It didn't take us long to find Paul once we crossed into Maine. I think he was waiting for us.

And these..these are what it's all about. The beauty of nature, the north woods' finest. Doesn't it make you want to go out and buy a birch bark canoe?

This will be our last night with internet connection. I have confirmed that the small library in North Anson, just a scant 5 miles from the cabin, has Wifi. However, they are only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays and then only for a couple of hours. (What can I say, it's pretty remote up here in the woods.) If the bears don't get me I will update whenever possible and most likely it will be multiple posts at once.

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Soooo sorry about Bill! -k-