Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Day two of the great adventure was a little on the "Cheeky" side. Nashville's Cheekwood Gardens and Art Center is the result of the generosity of one of the city's wealthy entrepreneurial families (think Maxwell House Coffee). At some point in the 1950's the Cheek family decided the property no longer suited their needs and kindly deeded their beautiful estate to the city. Today the old homestead houses acres of botanical gardens and Nashville's museum of art. (

I was invited to stroll Cheekwood's grounds by the other "k" in my life who happens to live in Music City and who also happens to have a passion for photography. Go figure.

I met K on the internet through the BetterPhoto photography site. She came to life through her art and her willingness to communicate with a stranger. The relationship got a helping hand from our shared love of photography and my children, who happen to live in the same city. She is not only a talented photographer but a master of other art forms as well. She creates art from things discarded by the rest of us and makes it look easy. We try and connect whenever I'm in town and for this outing she suggested a visit to Cheekwood Gardens.

It was a brilliant idea. And although the sun was too high in the sky to provide the golden light of masterpieces, we enjoyed wandering through the gardens and soon found ourselves lost in the the reds and greens of summer.

At one point we were approached by a videographer from one of the local television stations who followed us around for awhile filming our activity. He indicated we would appear on the evening news. I was afraid to watch. All I can say is it must have been a slow news day in Nashville if the best they could do was feature two old women photographing flowers!

As morning gave way to noon time, the heat and humidity began to rise and reminded me that although not in Florida anymore I am still in the south and it is indeed summer.

There were audible sighs of relief when we stepped into the cool airconditioned comfort of the "Pineapple Room" for lunch. K's grandson W joined us for a bite to eat and with a little encouragement shared thoughts on his morning. He is attending Art Camp held every summer on the grounds.

I assure you we didn't linger in the parking lot saying our good-byes, it was much too hot for that.

Thank you K for making a memory and for introducing me to Cheekwood (and the best fruit tea I've ever tasted). It is a beautiful place and one I hope to visit again soon. Maybe next time I'll have my camera set correctly!


Anonymous said...

You beat me to it!!!! Your blog is just great.

Stand by. I'm working on mine! -k-

Terri said...

Susan, wonderful photos! I read Karol's blog and followed the link to yours...wonderful that the two of you could get together and photograph, even in the heat of Middle Tennessee! You are so talented...and hopefully, someday again we'll meet again!

Cindy said...


I finally found you! What a wonderful blog, and your photography is splendid. By now you must be in Maine.
A new entry there?

Nicely told story about a hot, but obviously beautiful place.