Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Kidnapping

It is an unfortunate thing.  After finally getting into the blogging groove I am going to be missing for a few days... like 14.

It's not my fault.  Really.  It's not.  I have been kidnapped and am being held at gunpoint until later today when I will be blindfolded, stuffed into a car and driven to Ft. Lauderdale at which time I will be forced up the gangway and onto a very large sea worthy vessel that will take me away for 14 days.


I am trembling with fear.  My kidnappers are fearce opponents and have overpowered all attempts to ward them off.

I am told that you can put your wallets away.  There is no ransom involved.  I have been assured that I if I behave myself, don't spend too much time in the casino and refrain from singing "Hot, Hot, Hot," at the top of my lungs that I will be returned virtually unharmed (there is no guarantee that sunburn will not be involved) two weeks from today.

Keep the faith my faithful eleven as I attempt to remain strong amidst the difficulties of the upcoming days.  I am instructed that if I don't put up too much resistance I will be permitted to roam about the ship at my leasure.


I have vowed to do as I am told in order to secure my safe return.  (Although that casino thing is a bit iffy.)

Bon Voyage.

See you in 14

That is unless the casino police grab me and stuff me a tiny cell where I will be held until trial with only bread and water to sustain me.  If found guilty I will be forced to live out my remaining days sailing around the Caribbean on a cargo ship swabbing the deck for 26 burly seamen.

It might be worth it.


Resha said...

Just when I thought I might become a faithful ship out!

Marcie said...

WOW...have a great time!!! :-)

Audrey said...

2 weeks?!?! Enjoy.