Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Receipt Convention

Do things accumulate in your purse?  They do in mine.  They not only accumulate but some items, such as grocery receipts, host conventions that are attended by thousands.  At said conventions they party too much, overindulge at the bar and end up flat on their backs, tattered and torn at the bottom of my purse.  There they may remain for months on end before someone finally notices them and puts them out of their misery.


I cleaned my purse out yesterday.

This is what I found:

1.  One stray house key to a door that does not belong to me.

2.  Lip gloss in 3 shades of pink.

3.  One Formica chip.

4.  One pair of earrings I had thought gone for good.

5.  A fabric swatch - just in case I need to match something.

6.  Two dimes

7.  Three pennies

8.  My old cell phone - in the event I need a number that didn't transfer to my new phone.

9. Two notepads

10.  427 paint chips.  I can't seem to make a decision.


11.  5,752 attendees to the fall/winter receipt convention.

Those receipts sure do know how to have a good time.

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Audrey said...

I can relate!