Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Donut Report

Late last fall the G-man discovered a brand spanking new Dunkin Donuts under construction not too far from home.  For some reason, known only to him, he felt compelled to share the news with Papee (Allie's spelling, so we're going with it).  Said Dunkin Donuts it seems is on the way to everything in the G-man's world (school, the YMCA, shopping, groceries, etc.) and periodic updates on the progress of construction were forthcoming throughout the month of December.  Phone calls that came in fits and spurts from a little boy who talked so fast that his words collided in a tangled mess before they could be decifered.  Except. For.  Dunkin Donuts.

When the phone rang two weeks ago I could tell by the grin on Papee's face that it was the G-man on the other end of the line.  "I don't know exactly what he said," stated Papee, "but I think that Dunkin Donuts may have finally opened."  The announcement of the grand opening required a grand gesture and Papee made tracks for our local DD where a generous gift card was procured.  A thank you note was written (all of those updates were hard work for the little man) with instructions for the G-man to buy himself and his sister a big box of donuts.

Several days later Papee's phone rang once again with an excited Gabe was on the other end.  "What was that about," I inquired.  "Not sure," said Papee, "but I think Gabe got his gift card.

Apparently our little man was delighted with his mail.  Mom wasn't certain what pleased him more, his note card or his gift card.  I think it was a toss up as it was reported he drifted off to sleep that night with both grasped tightly in his little boy hands.  The next day Allie (not to be left out) requested Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.  The G-man quickly chimed in that it was a great idea and he would pay....with his brand new debit card.


Don't you just love that kid?

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