Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Plan Was Hatched

Our sun room couch is more than a little "tired."  She has served us well for almost ten years but has begun to show her age.  Yet in spite of the advancing years, her frame is strong and sturdy.  It is the fabric that is faded and thin.... and dirty.  Reupholstering is out of the question at this time.  Perhaps once the cottage reno is complete there will be a little cash left in the coffers for a new dress.  Until then... we live with it.

It was the dirty part that bothered us the most and of late has been a frequent topic of conversation.  One morning, earlier in the week, as The Kid and I were pondering the soiled state of our old friend, one of us got the bright idea to wash the cushions.  They were fabric. There was a zipper for easy removal.  We would use cold water.  We would dry them outside in the warm Florida sunshine rather than risk shrinkage in the unforgiving dryer.  Soon a plan was hatched.

Fast forward several hours.  Washing was done.  Fabric was somewhat cleaner.  No shrinkage (thanks to the weather for it's cooperation).  Finally after cutting a billion yards of frayed threads from the covers it was time to stretch them over their cushions.  Drum roll please.

They were clean.  The hadn't shrunk.  They looked good.  With the exception of one tiny little problem which we never considered.  That billion yards of frayed thread I removed were more than than the raw edges of the seams.  In some cases it was the seam.  Darn thing frayed right through the seams leaving gaping holes where smooth lines of stitching once held strong.

Are we getting a new couch?

 Are you kidding?  I'm getting a cheap inexpensive sewing machine to hopefully repair the damage.

It was all the coffers could stand.

On a lighter note, a big shout out to our Baby Girl.  She is seven years old today.


Happy Birthday Allie Grace.

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